Guiding you a standard steps to present in European market

Get your fnone-EU vendor authentication, With packages that are made for you.


Your company foundation. With packages that are made for you.

First-hand advice

Receive advice on how to obtain none-EU vendor authentication from a lawyer, notary and tax advisor. Take advantage of everything being coordinated by your personal dedicated Horioox agent.

Sample documents and checklists

Get support by a lawyer for choosing the suitable legal form, get contract templates, managing directors, as well as your subjects of business in European market. 

Legal advice by phone

80% of questions can be solved with just one phone call. With the packages you get the possibility to speak to a lawyer and have 3 calls or 5 calls for advice on your needs.

Save time and money

Save time registering and opening your company. Save time and money with lawyers as well! An initial consultation with a lawyer costs up to 250€ according to the German Lawyers’ Fees Act (RVG). With our service you save yourself expensive and complex processes.

Incorporation Process – Explained

Your package

Horiox Kompass offer you a packages that helps you to obtain your none-EU vendor authentication in order to get into European market.

Receive all relevant documents and advisory support

Once you sign up, the process can begin. We will send you the legal package that’s supplied by our partner of Law and Accountant firm, where you find a list of steps and document needs to be prepared, FAQ about none-EU vendor authentication, tax and accounting information as well as other contracts.

Go to the notary

We introduce you to a notary in Frankfurt. This allows you to certify your application and contratial. As soon as you have a sealed copy of the documents from your notary, you are on the half way to registrate in German Handelsregister.

Open your bank account and deposit your capital

Once you finish with your notary, we will guide you through the process of opening a bank account. One day after depositing your share capital in your business bank account, you can download your bank statement, send it to the notary and complete your incorporation process directly. There are additional steps here that you will receive from the Handelsregister*.

Register with the Tax Office and Build your Business

After this, accountant and tax advisor to register you with the tax office so that you can get your none-EU vendor VAT number and an E-ORIN number for import goods into EU, as well as other important steps that Horiox and your tax advisor will guide you to setup, including best practices for accounting and bookkeeping.